Hybrid Image Display and a 10x10 Expo Booth

I've been thinking about the idea of printed/projected hybrid displays for quite a while now. The Idea is that there would be a printed image of some sort. It could be wall paper or a large foam mounted poster or a stretched fabric display - whatever you what. There would then be an image projected onto the printed image. Nether the printed nor projected images would provide a complete image by themselves but when but together they would produce the full effect.

There are a few effects I can think of off the top of my head that can be created with this. One effect that can be achieved is simply using the projected image to add movement to a printed image. Another effect that can be achieved is adding color and light range to a printed image, similar to what mixed media artists have done in the past with neon tubes on prints. Dynamic content can be added to standard printed displays. I'm sure there are a number of other effects that can be achieved and of couse you can mix them together for even more possibilities.

You might ask "Why go to all the trouble of printing an image and then trying to match up a image projected on top? Why not just project the whole thing?" I would say that there is certain level of authenticity that comes with printed images that you don't get with projected imaging especially at close range. This can also be used in situations that would challenge projected only displays such as bright ambient light. I think printed/projected hybrid displays could be very useful in exposition, museums and retail.

I put together a quick mockup of a simple 10x10 expo booth to show some of the possibilities. The booth consists of a 10ft wide stretched fabric display and a large touchscreen. The base of the touchscreen houses a short throw projector.


In this case the printed image would consist of the landscape, a dim version of the arena and surrounding infrastructure. The sky on the printed image would be fairly plain. The projected image would then add brightness to lights on the arena and surrounding light poles. The projected image would also add the stars and aurora in the sky. The text/logo in this case would be printed.


Being a night scene, the projected image adds light range to the overall image right out of the gate. Slight movement added in the sky like shooting star here and there along with the occasional light flicker on the light poles really make this display something to notice.